Streets in Des Moines (IA) with first char S

List of streets in Des Moines (Iowa state) with first character S. Found 198 streets.

S Clover Hills Dr
S Union St
Sage St
Saint Johns Rd
Sampson St
Sandahl Ave
Sani Dr
Sawyers Dr
Saylor Rd
Scandia Ave
Scandia Cir
School St
Scott Ave
Se 10th St
Se 11th St
Se 12th St
Se 13th St
Se 14th Ct
Se 14th St
Se 15th Ct
Se 15th St
Se 16th Ct
Se 16th St
Se 17th Ct
Se 17th St
Se 18th Ct
Se 18th St
Se 19th Ct
Se 19th St
Se 1st Ct
Se 1st St
Se 20th St
Se 21st Ct
Se 21st St
Se 22nd Ct
Se 22nd St
Se 23rd Ct
Se 23rd St
Se 24th Ct
Se 24th St
Se 25th Ct
Se 25th St
Se 26th Ct
Se 26th St
Se 27th Ct
Se 27th St
Se 28th Ct
Se 28th St
Se 29th Ct
Se 29th St
Se 2nd Ct
Se 2nd St
Se 30th Ct
Se 30th St
Se 31st Ct
Se 31st St
Se 32nd Ct
Se 32nd St
Se 33rd Ct
Se 33rd St
Se 34th St
Se 35th Cir
Se 35th Ct
Se 35th St
Se 36th St
Se 37th St
Se 38th St
Se 3rd Ct
Se 3rd St
Se 40th St
Se 44th Ave
Se 45th St
Se 4th Ct
Se 4th St
Se 57th Ave
Se 5th St
Se 6th St
Se 7th Ct
Se 7th St
Se 8th Ct
Se 8th St
Se 9th St
Se Astor St
Se Pielles St
Searle St
Seneca Ave
Seniomsed Ave
Shadow Creek Ln
Shadyoak Dr
Shaw St
Shawnee Ave
Shawnee Pl
Sheridan Ave
Sherman Blvd
Sherrick Ave
Sherwood Dr
Shoreview Cir
Shortview Dr
Shriver Ave
Sims Dr
Sioux Ct
Sioux Run
Skeies Dr
Skyline Dr
Snyder Ave
Southdale Dr
Southern Hills Cir
Southern Hills Dr
Southern Woods Dr
Southlawn Dr
Southview Dr
Southwold Rd
Spring St
Springwood Ln
St Andrews Cir
Stanton Ave
Star View St
State Ave
State Of Iowa
Stephenson Way
Sterling Trce
Stewart St
Stream Side Cir
Summit St
Summit Vista Dr
Suncrest Dr
Sunset Rd
Sw 10th Pl
Sw 10th St
Sw 11th St
Sw 12th Pl
Sw 12th St
Sw 13th Pl
Sw 13th St
Sw 14th St
Sw 15th St
Sw 16th Pl
Sw 16th St
Sw 17th St
Sw 18th St
Sw 19th St
Sw 1st St
Sw 20th St
Sw 22nd St
Sw 23rd Pl
Sw 23rd St
Sw 24th St
Sw 25th St
Sw 26th St
Sw 27th St
Sw 28th Pl
Sw 28th St
Sw 29th St
Sw 2nd St
Sw 30th St
Sw 31st Pl
Sw 31st St
Sw 32nd Pl
Sw 32nd St
Sw 33rd St
Sw 34th Pl
Sw 34th St
Sw 35th St
Sw 36th St
Sw 37th St
Sw 38th Pl
Sw 38th St
Sw 39th St
Sw 3rd Pl
Sw 3rd St
Sw 40th St
Sw 42nd St
Sw 43rd St
Sw 44th Pl
Sw 44th St
Sw 4th Pl
Sw 4th St
Sw 51st St
Sw 52nd St
Sw 56th St
Sw 58th Dr
Sw 59th St
Sw 5th Pl
Sw 5th St
Sw 60th St
Sw 61st St
Sw 62nd St
Sw 63rd St
Sw 6th St
Sw 7th St
Sw 8th St
Sw 9th Pl
Sw 9th St
Sw Flowelia St
Sw Water St
Swan Lake Cir
Sweetwater Dr

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